40017-GS-A - Atom Drop Through Longboard - 40 Inch (Owl)

40017-GS-A - Atom Drop Through Longboard - 40 Inch (Owl)

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Get more down to earth with an Atom drop through longboard. Maximum stability makes this a great choice for downhilling, while its ease of pushing is perfect for long distance riding or just kicking around town/campus. You'll love this deck's full 10 inches of turning leverage while never needing to think wheel bite. Choose a graphic that suits your style and a spec that suits your budget to find out for yourself why this board will be the one you grab on your way out the door time and time again.


  • Deck: 8-Ply Maple laminate.

  • CNC drop through cut-outs.

  • Photo heat transfer graphic.

  • Garage Sale A - 20% off

  • No warranty available.

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