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The electric revolution is upon us and the skate industry is smack dab in the middle of it.   Electric skateboards are the greenest, cleanest, funnest, and most convenient form of transportation available.  Whether you're seeking the thrill of the ride, or looking for the ideal solution to the last mile of your commute, electric skateboards can't be beat. 


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  • POWER TO MOVE YOU -  Atom Electric's B-series boards feature powerful, durable and reliable  1000, 1800 and 3600 Watt Belt Drive Motors. 

  • SUPERIOR SOFTWARE - B-series boards offer the smoothest acceleration and braking available thanks to the advanced FOC (Field Oriented Control) software.  The majority of electric skateboards on the market still use BLDC square-wave technology which can never match the silky smooth performance of FOC sine-wave technology.

  • BUILT TO LAST - With their electronics encased in a 6061-T6 extruded aluminum chassis,  B-series boards keep critical components cool and safe.

  • EXTRA GROUND CLEARANCE - Large 80mm wheels and top mounted decks give the B-series boards more clearance and extra turning leverage.

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  • FAMILIAR LONGBOARD FEEL - Our battery box design keeps the board low to the ground for maximum stability and the maintains deck flex to make your journey as comfortable as possible. And thanks to the low-resistance hub motors H-series boards can be skated like normal longboards.

  • LIGHT AND COMPACT HUB MOTORS - With the motor hidden inside the wheel, hub motors are the lightest and most compact option for electric skateboards making them the ideal solution to the last mile of your commute. 

  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Without belts or gears to maintain hub motors deliver worry free performance year after year.

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Recent advancements in lithium batteries, DC motor technology, wireless technology, and regenerative braking have made possible the holy grail of personal transportation, a vehicle powerful enough to get you where you need to go, fast enough to get you there on time, safe enough to stop when you get there, and fun enough to start calling your commute your adventure.

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Atom Electric uses the best lithium cells available and tests 100% of batteries using peak charge and discharge rates before putting them in a board.  There is no way to stop off-brand companies from using cheap and dangerous lithium batteries in their constant push to offer the cheapest price online, but luckily customers are starting to understand you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to safety.  Good batteries are expensive, but your safety is worth it. 

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One feature that guarantees electric skateboards are the future is their ability to stop safely and reliably and thanks to Atom Electric's regenerative braking technology they recharge your battery while doing it.  

If you’ve ever ridden a normal longboard and wished to scrub a little speed before the next turn, you probably realized that being able to press STOP is as important as being able to press GO. 

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When you buy an Atom Electric you’re part of something bigger than simply clicking a buy button.  You’re part of a movement, a community, a future.  Join us on social media to share in the conversation with thousands of like-minded friends from your area or around the world. 


Welcome to Atom Electric.

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