What is a Electric Speed Controller? (ESC)

Part Two of Tech Talk's - What's inside series is about the Electric Speed Controller. The ESC plays a vital part in an Electric Skateboard as it acts as the board's brain. In part one we covered the batteries the board's power source, its raw potential to power. Though the key to a good board is to have correct circuitry, a great PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design and solid software.

Each ESC has a chip, it's sort of like the brain or the CPU of your computer. It's how the ESC does all of its calculations. In addition to being the brain, the ESC also has Bluetooth and an antenna to communicate with your remote controller. Most importantly the ESC is built with a capacitor to stop overvoltage and to keep your unit safe. Ultimately the ESC connects your battery to the motor allowing you to ride your board and shred those hills!

To learn about the ESC in-depth jump into this episode of Tech Talk with R&D Lee: