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How do I stop on an electric skateboard?  
The wireless remote is very intuitive.  Simply move the throttle forward to accelerate, or pull it backward to brake.

Are your boards water proof?
Our boards are NOT "water proof". They are "water resistant".
We have taken steps to avoid water damaging critical electrical components, but we do not recommend riding in wet conditions.

Can electric boards be used like a regular longboard if the battery runs out (kicked)?
The H-series boards can be used like regular longboards thanks to their low resistance hub motors. The B-series with their Belt Drive motors have more resistance and are harder to push.

Do your boards have different speed modes?  If so what is the difference between them.
All our boards have at least two speed modes. Low / Slow modes mainly refer to the acceleration profile meaning that the boards take longer to get up to speed in these modes (slower acceleration), but the maximum speed possible is the same in either mode.  Low / Slow mode also serves as an ECO mode for people wanting to conserve battery because most energy is used when accelerating quickly.

I've never ridden a normal skateboard.  Will I be able to learn to ride an electric skateboard?  
Yes!  In some ways, riding an electric skateboard is much easier than riding a normal skateboard or longboard.  First, you don't need to push an electric skateboard and that is one of the most difficult parts of learning to skateboard for the first time. Second, electric skateboards have brakes!  Stopping on a normal skateboard requires some skill, whereas on an electric skateboard, you simply pull back on the throttle to slow down.

What can I do to increase the range of my board? What can I do to conserve my battery and essentially go further on a single charge.
Range varies depending on rider weight, riding surface, hills, wind, clothing, and most importantly riding habits. To achieve maximum range push off to start, accelerate slowly, coast when possible, brake lightly, and reduce overall speed.  The slower you go the further you'll go. In this way, the lower speed mode on your remote also doubles as an ECO mode.

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Can I use the charger from one Atom Electric board for another Atom Electric board?
No.  Only ever use the charger provided with your board.  Even boards within the same Atom Electric series sometimes operate using different voltages.  Using a different charger than the one provided with your board is a SERIOUS safety risk. Unsure whether or not your charger is compatible? Check out our charger guide below for more info.

What’s the best battery charge to leave my board if i’m storing it?:

Technically it isn't good to store the battery fully charged, but it DEFINITELY isn't good to store it empty. In the middle is best. If you're riding it a lot then storing for a few days at full charge is fine.

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Can I use the remote from one board for another board?  
In order to use a remote with a board the two need to be paired together (binding process).  For the B-series boards the remote is specific to each model.  A B.18 remote will not work with a B.36 board and vice versa.  For the H-series boards, any H-series remote can be paired with any H-series board (by following pairing process in manual).

Can me and my friend ride side by side without worrying about interference between my remote and her board (and vice versa)?
Yes, once a remote is paired to a board, it will not interfere with other boards.

Does the remote have a cruise control mode?
Currently it's our opinion that electric boards are safer not having cruise control.

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Can I take my board on a plane?  

It depends.  Which board, and which airline? 

1. At the time of writing it’s safe to say any board with a battery larger than 160Wh will not be allowed to fly with you no matter what. 


2. Boards with batteries between 100-160Wh are allowed by some (but not all) airlines but you MUST seek their permission (preferably in writing) prior to travelling.  If you show up at the airport without having done this you WILL be leaving your board behind. 


3. Boards with batteries less than 100Wh are allowed by several airlines, some even without the need to declare them, but we strongly recommend ALWAYS seeking written permission in advance, no matter how small your battery is.  Rules are subject to change and it's never worth the risk of having your board confiscated.  Also, they'll tell you their specific rules for where your skateboard must go (carry on or checked baggage).

H4 - 55Wh
H6 - 79Wh
B10 - 90Wh
B10X - 90Wh
H10 - 104Wh
H16D - 158Wh
B18 - 180Wh
B36 - 190Wh


4. Finally, some airlines such as United do not allow electric vehicles of any kind regardless of battery size.  This includes electric skateboards and longboards, not just hoverboards. Choose your airline according to their policy for electric skateboards / lithium batteries, and ALWAYS seek written permission prior to travelling. 

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(for a complete list of trouble shooting steps refer to your individual board owner's manual HERE)

What do I do if my B Series (belt driven) board responds to the remote and turns the motor,
but the board does not move and the belt seems to be spinning in place without moving the wheel?

Loss of all acceleration accompanied by a whirring noise indicates the belt has worn out. At this point, you need to replace your belt. To make your next belt last longer, be gradual while both braking and accelerating so you avoid putting extra strain on the belt. If you hear a clicking noise, that means you are braking or accelerating beyond what the belt tension can handle. That clicking noise will result in faster wear of the belt and is most noticed while braking.

My B-series board sometimes stutters when starting from a complete stop.
For maximum durability we manufacture our B-series boards without Hall sensors in the motors. Hall sensors are needed to determine the position of the rotating magnets within some motors but can be vulnerable to shocks for boards that are ridden very hard.  Because B-series boards use advanced FOC software they are able to calculate the position of the magnets without the need for hall sensors.  But occasionally when a B-series board is perfectly still with some resistance applied to the wheels the software can't do the calculation properly so the motor will stutter back and forth as it attempts to calculate the position of the magnets.  If this occurs simply get the board rolling a little before accelerating. As soon as the wheels spin the calculation can be completed and the board will once again start smoothly like normal.

I was expecting my board to accelerate faster off the mark.
Acceleration depends on various factors such as rider weight, riding surface, steepness of hill, and battery level.  In general we use moderate acceleration profiles for all our boards, even our most powerful boards.  We do this for two reasons.  First it greatly extends the mileage of the board.  Second it is safer.  Our powerful boards will definitely give you the torque needed to climb hills but we intentionally design them to have a smooth start.

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Where can I order spare parts, like wheels or belts?
Right HERE

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