What's the difference between the different Atom Electric Boards?
Click HERE for our board comparison chart.

Can I use the charger from one Atom Electric board for another Atom Electric board?
No.  Only ever use the charger provided with your board.  Even boards within the same Atom Electric series sometimes operate using different voltages.  Using a different charger than the one provided with your board is a SERIOUS safety risk.

How do you stop on an electric skateboard?  
The wireless remote is very intuitive.  Simply move the throttle forward to accelerate, or pull it backward to brake.

Is the board waterproof?
We have taken steps to avoid water damaging critical electrical components, but we still do not recommend riding in wet conditions.

I've never ridden a normal skateboard.  Will I be able to learn to ride an electric skateboard?  
Yes!  In some ways, riding an electric skateboard is much easier than riding a normal skateboard or longboard.  First, you don't need to push an electric skateboard and that is one of the most difficult parts of learning to skateboard for the first time. Second, electric skateboards have brakes!  Stopping on a normal skateboard requires some skill, whereas on an electric skateboard, you simply pull back on the throttle to slow down.

Can I take my board on a plane?  
The most likely answer is no.  Many electric skateboard companies (even the biggest brands) will say you can take your board on a plane if your battery is under 100Wh.  Although this was true at one point in time the reality as of 2017 is that the vast majority of airlines DO NOT allow lithium battery powered vehicles of ANY type as either checked or carry-on baggage.  Unfortunately this includes electric skateboards and longboards, not just hoverboards.  There is still some confusion in the industry regarding this so some boards are still making their way onto planes, but Atom Electric doesn't recommend trying. In the event you do decide to try, call your airline in advance to request permission.  The last thing you want is to show up to the airport with your board only to find out you can't bring it with you.  Unfortunately this is true for ALL lithium battery powered electric skateboards, regardless of brand.  If another brand tells you otherwise their information is most likely outdated.

Can I use the remote from one board for another board?  
In order to use a remote with a board the two need to be paired together (binding process).  For the B-series boards the remote is specific to each model.  A B.18 remote will not work with a B.36 board and vice versa.  For the H-series boards, any H-series remote can be paired with any H-series board (by following pairing process in manual).

Can me and my friend ride side by side without worrying about interference between my remote and her board (and vice versa)?
Yes, once a remote is paired to a board, it will not interfere with other boards.