Deck profiles play a key role in how stable the board is, how it responds, how easy it is to foot-brake, and how easy it is to push on flat ground. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the board is off the ground, the higher the center of gravity. The lower the board is, the more stable it will be but could increase the potential to bottom out on tight turns. Deck profiles are a personal preference. We hope that the diagrams below will help you determine what board is best for your riding style.

Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Deck - Off Road Wheels

Pintail Deck

Kicktail Deck

Drop Through Deck

Drop Through Deck - With Symmetrical Mini Kick and Nose

Drop Deck

Drop Deck - Off Road Wheels

Double Drop - Drop Through and Drop Deck profile

Freeride / Downhill Deck

Electric Longboard Deck

Electric Longboard Deck - Kicktail