What's inside an Electric Skateboard battery?

The team at Atom wanted everyone to know exactly what's inside our electric skateboards and how they work. That's why we decided to start our own YouTube series called Tech Talk staring R&D Lee. To launch Tech Talk we thought it would be a good opportunity to explain exactly what's inside our boards. The componentry, the specs, the techy bits that make our boards safe, reliable and most of all fun! 

The battery of an electric skateboard is like the heart of the human body. Without it, the board simply wouldn't work! Our lithium batteries are the same batteries that are found in one of Elon Musk's famous Tesla cars. Each Atom battery pack is made up of a Panasonic Lithium battery with 10, 18X650mm cells that have been proven to be the safest batteries to date, after years of testing. 

Would you like to learn more about voltage, amp-hours and watt-hours?

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