Atom Longboards 39 Inch Review


   Hey! My name is Matthias Sarrell, I’m a photographer with a startup business in Woodstock, Georgia. I live a pretty normal life except for the fact that while my photography business is finding its footing, I’m working at Waffle House to pay the bills. The Waffle house is located about a mile outside of downtown Woodstock, where most of my photography business is, so I often schedule shoots right after work; then I ride into town on my Atom Longboard. I first got the idea from Casey Neistat as i’m sure many photographer/youtubers have, but I was skeptical. Is it safe for my gear? Won’t it be time consuming to skate anywhere? Why not just take my car? Well you don’t have to live in New York City like Casey to know how irritating finding parking can be.  


Riding a longboard has literally saved me 100’s of dollars in gas, I don’t have to worry about parking, and with Atom’s drop deck longboard I ride easy knowing that I’m on a reliable set up. It rides smooth, takes turns like a champ, and allows for growth in my longboarding skills. I’m just now starting to experiment with sliding to get around sharp curves and to stop, and the board is holding up amazingly. It comes fully assembled and ready to ride out of the box, all you have to do is tune the trucks in to your particular riding style. For just under $100 the board is out of its league! The thing I recommend; if you’re looking to get a little more speed out of it, purchase some aftermarket bearings. There are plenty of options out there that will get you that extra speed without breaking the bank. But if you’re just starting out I would recommend you stick with the the bearings the board comes with for the first couple months, as they are plenty fast enough for any beginner.

Overall I’m stoked about my Atom Longboard! It more than delivers, especially considering the price. And when I'm riding around on my board instead of in my car, I’m 10x more likely to take my camera out and get some practice in. When people see me riding around on a longboard taking photos they’re automatically interested and that allows me to market myself as a photographer. Plus it’s just plain fun to ride! If you don’t already have a longboard, consider an Atom Longboard. The bang for your buck is impressive and you’ll enjoy every second of riding it!

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Words and photos by Matthias Sarrell @matthias.sarrell