Atom H10 Electric Skateboard - Atom Team Review

Lately we have been getting many enquiries about one of our favourite boards the Atom H10 Electric Skateboard. We thought we would share with you all a few of our favourite features.

40403.Top and Bottom.jpg

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First of all, let’s talk about the deck. The deck is made up of a Bamboo/ Maple material. The reason why we used this hybrid material was to give the board the perfect amount of flex, when faced with obstacles such as cracks in the concrete or rough roads. We also noticed after a lot of testing that using your legs and the decks flex you can actually pump in and out of carves giving you more speed!

Our designer R&D Lee decided to give the board a wider stance and a low centre of gravity to give you the most comfort and control whilst riding. When mobbing around town you always come across a hill. The H10 will handle just about any slope in your city and can handle most hills up to a %10 grade.


The H10 comes standard with our black 78A wheels. The wheels are nice and soft giving you extra grip when pinning it around a corner. One of the best things about having a hub motor electric skateboard is the ability to ‘free wheel’ – meaning your board can spin freely without the restriction of the motor. So, if you like you can push your esk8 just like a normal longboard without the need of power.

One of the most important things about a quality electric skateboard is the range. We are proud to say that we use the best quality batteries in all of our ESK8’s. In this particular board, we use the same batteries as they do in Tesla cars a Panasonic 2900 mA. Most Electric Skateboards only use a 2000 mA battery. The reason why we use these batteries is because they are safer, more reliable and go further. Providing your skating a smooth surface these batteries will go even further then what we spec on our website!

To learn more about the Atom H10 Electric Skateboard check out R&D Lee’s in-depth video review here: