Atom B10X Off Road Electric Skateboard - Atom Team Review

The team here at Atom have been riding the Atom B10X for the past year and have been absolutely loving it! Here are a few of our favourite features…


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- Most longboard wheels are between 70mm - 80mm. The Atom B10X features our All terrain wheels that are a massive 100mm! The wheels are a 78A which means they are nice and soft to get you over those bumps and cracks. Our all-terrain wheels have a high rebound polyurethane meaning you will have little rolling resistance allowing you to pick up speed quick! The tread isn’t super aggressive but will give you that extra grip on gravel corners, rather than a flat wheel which gives you little to no grip off road.

-The 35.8-inch Bamboo has a great amount of flex, accompanied by the soft urethane wheels it gives the board a very cushy feel when hitting board walks, dusty trails and bad bitumen.

- The B10X actually uses the same system as our super reliable B10. The battery and motor will get you everywhere around town. It has the ability to climb hills and with the Samsung battery it has a fantastic range. To find out more about the motor and batteries performance check out the video we did on the B10 by clicking HERE

To learn more about the Atom B10X Off Road Skateboard check out R&D Lee’s in-depth video review here: